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New Cantonese play group in Rugby

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sisi88uk Sun 11-Jan-15 15:44:02

We are a Eurasian (British/Hong Kong) family with a four year old and one year old children. I myself am born in Hong Kong, so I can speak and write fluently in Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin. I love everything about the Cantonese Culture. We would love to meet like minded parents who want to share experiences of speaking Cantonese to our children in Rugby/Midlands area.

Being mixed race parents, we are excited and thrilled to share with them bilingual (Chinese/English) language, but being in England, English is the first tongue, so we have found learning Cantonese to be a trying experience.
So we decided to reach out, and hope we can find couples like us who would like to immense themselves in Cantonese.

Based in Rugby, we would love to create a weekly session to have play-dates, like a Thursday morning at our home, we would provide a house full of toys for baby-toddlers age, much needed tea/coffee and biscuits for the parents.

We would also love to have regular meet ups for the families, to visit galleries, park walks and museums.

We are planning to host play dates, and start to have tutors to teach our children Cantonese, if you are interested to join our play dates and share tuition fees, you are very welcome!

This is not-for-profit - we want to share experiences for all of our children.

Please get in touch so we can start sharing Cantonese!

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