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OPOL or "see what happens"?

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helloelo Fri 02-Jan-15 22:37:50


I'm about to give birth to DS1 and wondering what to do with languages, I hope you'll have experiences to share.

French is my mother tongue, lived in the UK for a long time, fluent English.
DH's MT is FR too but US dad and EN 1st language.
We live in FR. We mainly speak FR between us, sometimes using a weird mix of FR (sentence structure) and EN (appropriate words).
My side only speaks FR.
We are close to SIL who speaks EN to her 1yo DS1 (although her MT is FR and they speak FR with BIL) / MIL speaks both to him / we won't see FIL but US family (EN only) will be in the picture.

We were thinking about OPOL (me FR, DH EN) because it seems to be what other bilingual families do but it's hard for us because we do not really differentiate the 2 languages (and cultures) and we can switch to whatever, depending on the situation (i.e. commenting on Call the Midwife in EN but commenting on France Info in FR). I don't see myself doing baby talk in EN but I'm sure the odd word will come out (+I'm a bookworm and he's already got loads of EN books).

>> Is it a bad idea to carry on like we do (no differentiation)? I'm worried I'll just confuse him if I suddenly read / sing to him in EN.
>> If we do OPOL, is exposure enough for EN to get a chance? (we're thinking about moving to US or UK in 8-10 years so that'd be helpful...)
>> If we had to change one thing to our setup, what would it be?
>> Do you have any resources (website / book) to recommend?

A bit of a 1st world problem sorry and very PFB but well... I'd appreciate any piece of advice, many thanks!

Quitethewoodsman Fri 02-Jan-15 22:48:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

helloelo Tue 06-Jan-15 18:51:20

Thanks a lot Quite very interesting point about the muscles before 10.

He will definitely understand EN as DH plans on using it to address him but it's the confusion I'm worried about. It would be difficult for me to address my BF in FR even though she speaks fluently as we have always used EN between us. Imagine the same for a baby...

I have to research different learning methods more ;)

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