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a recommendation for a satelite tv please

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kiskidee Tue 03-Oct-06 21:13:18

i want to get french and spanish telly. what is available out there? and do they service the whole country as i am in the NE. what sort of costs etc?

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 03-Oct-06 21:34:30

I'd like to know as well, please. Am missing the German Ooompah bands on Prime Time TV on a Saturday night and the webcam of all the Flemish towns in the rain!

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:39:12

On the sky package that I have we only get one Spanish channel. Will have to check what it is.

kiskidee Tue 03-Oct-06 21:41:05

yes, i have the sky package but TVE is quite blah. would like a bit more choice - even if its got loads of novelas i have to wade past. (funny how you can get nostalgic for the most gawdawful things)

lucy5 Tue 03-Oct-06 21:50:00

I have british tv in Spain, so surely you must be able to get it in reverse. Not quite sure how though. Sorry, those novellas are pure cheese but highly watchable.

annasmami Wed 04-Oct-06 10:27:09

You can get a lot of German and some other European channels by getting a satellite dish which needs to be directed towards the ASTRA satellite. No running costs, only the one off set up cost.

JoannaArcher1 Tue 04-Sep-07 23:25:59

Have just installed an 80cm diameter dish pointing at two satellites: Hotbird and Astra 1.

Managed to get Rai due which has almost wall-to-wall children's programmes called 'Random', sort of like CeeBeebies.


In German I think I'll be able to watch and and there's looking for others.

These are ALL free channels.


kindersurprise Tue 04-Sep-07 23:42:34

Oh, sounds interesting. We have just ordered, and are impatiently awaiting, a sat dish for watching British TV in Germany. We might have to move to England next year, I assume we can use the same dish to get the German channels in UK?

The grass is always greener... and all that

JoannaArcher1 Thu 06-Sep-07 12:23:33

Check out [].

It's not the dish that you need to worry about, as far as I can gather, but the slots for the cards if you decide to subscribe to a package. I have a 'standard' UK slot and a place where I can put a CAM (conditional access module) which is a sort of adaptor so I could subscribe to a non-UK Satellite TV provider.


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