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Suggestions for books, games, websites, CDs, DVDs etc to help teach DDs (5 & 4) to speak French

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Boobz Mon 27-Oct-14 16:32:41

My 2 DDs (5 & 4) are English speakers at home (DH and I only speak English to them) but they go to the Lycée here where we live in Rome. They went to an English/French/Italian nursery for a year last year, and their Italian is better than their French, but now only speak French at school so it's catching up.

I have a student (who is French) come and spend an hour with them both twice a week, to mainly read to them in French as when I read their books from school I sound awful (I don't even have GCSE French!) However I want them to do more than just reading as I don't want it to feel like a lesson every time she comes over, so I was hoping to order some things from the web (or even use the web whilst she is here) to fill their hour together and make it a bit more fun.

Does anyone have any suggestions of games I can order from Amazon, or books to build up our French library, or perhaps CDs, DVDs etc, which this young girl can use to get them interacting a bit more during the hour. I'm hoping someone might know a great website which you can print lessons/games from which I can perhaps do some cutting up before she arrives and then hand it over to her to play with DDs (she is only about 19 or so, and not a qualified teacher - she is just earning a bit of money in her spare time).

Any ideas?

Bonsoir Sun 02-Nov-14 08:58:11

I don't have any website recommendations but the classic Martine series of books is great for building vocabulary and expression in French and there are derivative workbooks with stickers etc that my DD loved.

Boobz Mon 03-Nov-14 12:16:11

Thanks Bonsoir! I ordered some games from Amazon and will now check out the Martine Books as well.

thomasstockmann Wed 17-Dec-14 13:57:19

I'd recommend Les Alphas. It is to teach literacy to native French but it is very playful with DVDs and games to support learning. Letters are named after characters to help the little ones associated letter with sound.

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