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Giuliettatoday Fri 22-Sep-06 13:56:14

There's a group of German mums and their children meeting up every Monday 10.15-11.45am in Ham, Lock Road.

It's very informal & friendly , the mums (some dads, grandparents, au pairs are there, too) just talk - nearly all of them are native German speakers - and the children play with the toys provided. New people are always very welcome.

The age range of the children is from birth up to about 4 years - it's not that strict, during half term some mums sometimes bring their primary school children, but otherwise it's mainly babies/toddlers/pre-school children.

If you'd like more info, just email me on or answer here - otherwise you can just turn up, but be aware that the group does not meet during certain school holidays (summer, christmas, bank hols).

annasmami Fri 22-Sep-06 17:01:15

I would be very interested in joining with my two children (2 years and 4 years) as we are raising them bilingually in German and English.

However, as the go to nursery i.e. school in the mornings, the suggested time (Monday 10:15) unfortunately does not work for us.

Would it be possible to move the group to the afternoon? I could imagine that more children might be able to join in then? Or perhaps we could set up a seperate group in the afternoons?

In any case I would be very intersted in meeting other German speaking mums/dads/children in order for my children to hear German from another source than me.... We live in St Margarets, Twickenham.

Giuliettatoday Sat 23-Sep-06 18:37:42

Hi there,

thanks for your message. I'm afraid it's not possible to move the group to the afternoon as it has been taking place in the morning for many years and people expect it to be like that and many just know it's there when they turn up, even if they haven't attended for many months or came years ago with their first child.

Also, quite a few of mums have older children as well whom they have to pick up around 1pm (German School) or in the afternoon (english schools) so this would clash, as the group is mainly aimed at younger children (although yours would still fit in very well, particularly the 2-year-old). Of course we do not mind the occasional school child coming along during the half term holidays, but I think the majority of older children would be bored if they came every time as the toys are more or less aimed at younger children.

However, I like your idea of setting up a separate group for children who are attending nursery in the mornings, as I've always found it a shame that once children are at nursery or primary school you don't see them and their mums any more. I face exactly the same problem as my youngest will probably start nursery next year and already I know I will miss the group!

For me personally it's rather difficult to meet up in the afternoons on a regular basis as I'm taking my two older children (who are at an english school so only finish at 3.20pm) to after school activities nearly every day, but I'm sure there would be quite a few people interested in something like that. For me, only Tuesday afternoons would be possible at the moment, and then probably not every Tuesday.

But also, some mums from the group who have no school children yet arrange their own smaller meetings in the afternoons, so maybe I could put you in touch? Or if you have any other ideas, just let me know! Would love to hear from you again, please don't be put off!

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Mon 16-Oct-06 16:14:14

annasmami where are you based? I'm in the same 'boat' as you as kids in school/nursery. I'm in Ealing

annasmami Mon 16-Oct-06 20:29:04

MrsB - We live in St Margarets, Twickenham. I guess thats not too far from Ealing?

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Mon 16-Oct-06 22:57:37

annasmami, not too far we could always try meet up at a weekend or so

annasmami Sat 21-Oct-06 22:12:53


Yes it would be nice to meet up, either after school or weekends.

How old are your children? I have a dd of 4.5 years and a ds of 2.5 years.

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Thu 26-Oct-06 20:23:12

annasmami, sorry have been a bit busy. Meeting up would be great! dd is 5 in December and ds just turned 2 in September

tried cat'ing you but you don't accept I'm on katja at yahoo dot com

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Thu 26-Oct-06 20:23:12

annasmami, sorry have been a bit busy. Meeting up would be great! dd is 5 in December and ds just turned 2 in September

tried cat'ing you but you don't accept I'm on katja at yahoo dot com

annasmami Fri 03-Nov-06 19:17:47

Mrs B,

Habe gerade versucht dir ein email an deine adresse zu schicken - es kam leider zurueck....

Wie kann ich dich denn ueber mumsnet direkt kontaktieren??

Bis bald!

MrsBojangles Thu 09-Nov-06 07:17:03


oben in den ganzen links gibt's ein 'contact another talker'

ansonsten versuche mal katja at storz dot net

paintingc Thu 07-Dec-06 20:37:25

My husband (he's English) and I (I'm German) recently moved to Twickenham/St. Margarets with our two children. My son is 3 1/2 and attends the Kindergarten at the German School. My daughter is 6 months old. I just found out about the German playgroup in Ham and I'd love to meet people with a German/English background in the area. So if you're interested in meeting up please let me know.

Giuliettatoday Thu 07-Dec-06 21:25:28

paintingc and others, just to let you know that the German group takes place on the 11th December for the last time before the Christmas Holidays. First time after the Christmas holidays will be the 8th of January.

annasmami Fri 08-Dec-06 11:55:38

paintingc, I would be interested in meeting up with you, as we also live in St Margarets with our two German (with me) and English (with dad) speaking children!

RomyR Thu 21-Jun-07 08:59:38

Hallo, meine Name ist Romy, ich bin aus Leipzig und habe eine 4 Monate alte Tochter. Mein Mann lebt in Virginia Water und wir sind jeden Monat fuer 1 Woche hier in London. Ich suche daher Kontakte zu anderen deutschsprachigen Muettern und bin dankbar fuer Tipps und Unternehmungen. Kann ich vielleicht an der Toddler group Montags 10.15-11.45 in Twickenham teilnehmen?

DaddyJ Thu 21-Jun-07 09:08:14

Na bitte, die DSL hat eine Antwort parat!

Kann jemand bitte bestätigen, dass die
Krabbelgruppe diesen Montag (25. Juni 2007)

Witzigerweise bin ich ausgerechnet an dem Tag
SAHD und würde gerne mit der Kleinen vorbeischauen!

Giuliettatoday Thu 21-Jun-07 23:46:28

Ja, am 25.6.07 findet die Spielgruppe statt.
Romy, ja, du kannst einfach vorbeikommen.

RomyR Fri 22-Jun-07 10:09:37

Vielen lieben Dank fuer die schnelle Antwort. Ich brauche bitte nochmal die genaue Adresse.... Schoenen Tag

DaddyJ Fri 22-Jun-07 10:11:20

Klasse! Danke nochmal und ich freue mich schon.

Romy, die Adresse befindet sich auf dieser Website

DaddyJ Fri 22-Jun-07 10:12:17

'befindet sich'?? Grausames Deutsch!
Das sollte lustig werden am Montag

emkana Sat 23-Jun-07 22:58:28

So grausam finde ich "befindet sich" aber nicht...

Ich wuenschte, ich lebte in London, so dass ich auch mal kommen koennte!

Giuliettatoday Tue 26-Jun-07 11:08:33

The German Playgroup in Ham takes place on 2nd and 9th July, then closes for the Summer Holidays. After the holidays, it starts again on the 3rd Sept.

Giuliettatoday Wed 12-Sep-07 14:57:39

Just to let everyone know as the thread has moved down so much, the German Playgroup is still running on Mondays. New members always welcome.

Kazza78 Mon 28-Jan-08 20:27:05

Ich bin ebenfalls eine deutsche Mutter mit englischem Partner, und ich habe eine 5 Monate alte Tochter. Ich suche eine deutsche Krabbelgruppe und wollte nur mal nachhoeren, ob diese hier noch aktuell ist?
Nach einem Blick auf den Link stellte ich fest, dass es sich um eine katholische Gemeinde handelt - damit habe ich zwar kein Problem, frage mich aber, ob es in Ordnung ist, wenn ich nicht Katholikin bin?

DaddyJ Wed 30-Jan-08 14:31:18

Kazza, ich bin auch nicht katholisch und musste erstmal
in den Brunnen steigen und mich taufen lassen...

Nur ein gaanz schlechter Witz! grin

Das sind alles superliebe Menschen dort, die Atmosphäre ist entspannt und fröhlich
und keine Sorge: Religion spielt keine Rolle!

Meine Tochter und ich sind tatsächlich letzten Sommer da hin
(siehe weiter unten im Strang) und haben uns ausgesprochen wohl gefühlt.

Viel Spass!

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