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Shy in second (and third!) language.

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makeyourown Thu 15-May-14 01:13:17

DS is almost 5, and has been in a bilingual kinder for almost a year and a half. Neither language spoken at school is English. We are finding that although he understands both languages, he is very reluctant at speaking them. He has heard both, to varying degrees, his whole life.
Though he was pretty timid as a toddler, he has really come out of his shell, and in English is really quite a confident child. But his teacher says that when he has to speak at school he goes very red in the face and is very reluctant. Basically, he is shy in the other languages. We really don't know the best way to support him. How can we help him to have more confidence when it's not an English speaking environment? I thought it would come in time, but it seems to be taking a long time, and we really worry for his happiness if he can't communicate well with the other kids etc.

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