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Ideas please - English gifts for Polish 11yr old

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DIYandEatCake Mon 05-May-14 22:55:37

Hi, hope this is ok to post here. My friend's 11-year-old niece will be visiting her and coming to our house soon, she is apparently very excited to be coming to England as she's learning English at school. I'd love to give her a little bag of English gifts, i was thinking a book (something basic but not babyish, really need some help here!), chocolate/sweets, and anything else 'English' that might be appreciated. I'd love some suggestions please if anyone can help!

TequilaMockingbirdy Mon 05-May-14 22:57:53

tin of biscuits, y'know which ones I mean, in the blue tin?
Paddington bear
something doctor who

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