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moving back to home country with half british DD

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jasmin29 Mon 05-May-14 01:44:01

Hi, I've separated from my British partner, so I'm moving back to my home country with our daughter. She's a British citizen, only 15 months and hasn't started to speak yet. She's been raised as bilingual, I talk to her in my language but everyone else around her in english. Now that we're moving how can I make sure she won't forget English what she hasn't even started to speak yet? Sometimes I talk to her in English when there are other kids around or it's important that others can understand what I say to her but I don't think I should mix the languages or start to talk to her in English, what would you do? Anyone has an experience?

NigellasDealer Mon 05-May-14 01:48:04

she will forget english really quickly at that age, mine forgot their other language that they did understand ok at that age, when I left their dad.

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