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Where can I buy Arabic children's books?

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pinkmagic1 Sat 26-Aug-06 22:41:51

We are trying to bring DS, age 2 to be bilingual in English and Arabic. I would like to get some books suitable for his age group, simple stories, counting etc written in Arabic. I have done a web search but am having little joy and only finding US sites. Any suggestions?

Thomcat Sat 26-Aug-06 22:44:39

I'm not 100% sure but have a look at 'Lima's red hot chilli', (think that is the exact title) it's a book I have for dd1 that is written in about 5 diffeent languages and there is a possibility one might be arabic. sorry if i have that wrong.

You've reminded me to start a thred of my own so thank you.

Aero Sat 26-Aug-06 22:46:18

It might be worth asking at your local library as they have lots of books in English and another language. They might be able to point you in the right direction if you want to buy your own.

pinkmagic1 Sat 26-Aug-06 22:50:47

Tried the library and they have nothing in Arabic. Even the big city centre one only has a couple of books and these are aimed at older children. They seem to have something in every language but!

Aero Sat 26-Aug-06 22:55:50

Oh, that's a shame. I'm sure I've seen a few in Arabic in ours, but thinking about it, not many, and as you say, lots in other languages. I don't really know what else to suggest that you haven't already tried. Sorry.

sorrell Sat 26-Aug-06 22:56:59

Have you tried your local library?

sorrell Sat 26-Aug-06 22:57:19

sorry!! cross-posted.

sorrell Sat 26-Aug-06 22:57:37

But they may well be able to order you some.

beans11 Sun 03-Sep-06 14:54:45

Please have a look at these websites for dual languauge books... and
My daughter (aged 2.5) loves "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle and "what shall we do with the boo hoo baby?" by Cressida Cowell

pinkmagic1 Thu 07-Sep-06 15:59:47

Thanks Beans11, some great stuff on here!

JoannaArcher1 Tue 04-Sep-07 23:28:18

I managed to buy some Arabic Ladybird books (text and tape) from Grant and Cutler in London.


JuJuMoo Fri 07-Sep-07 21:18:04

Hi, you can order some Arabic books - very simply ones such as counting etc from good luck :-)

JuJuMoo Fri 07-Sep-07 21:22:31 2085

These might be useful :-)

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