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Learning to write, handwriting in both languages?

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Expectans Mon 16-Dec-13 19:07:34

This is years off being an issue for us, but I am curious...

I am English, dad is Italian. We both have what I would consider typical handwriting for our countries, so his is cursive. Currently I assume school for DS will be in UK, but I guess this might change. So, does anyone teach their bilingual children to write with two different handwritings as well as in two languages?

noramum Mon 16-Dec-13 21:32:19

DD learned cursive handwriting in Reception here in the UK straight from day one. She started two years ago.

I think most schools now start some kind of cursive handwriting.

But, unless you have a different alphabet like Arabic or Asian languages I can't see a problem. I learned a very different German cursive handwriting than most German schoolchildren learn today. So even in Italy things may have changed since your DH went to school.

As long as it can be read the style of handwriting is secondary to writing at all.

AphraBane Mon 16-Dec-13 21:46:58

Both my DC go to school in Germany and learned to read/write there in a bilingual school with both languages. They were taught a different style of cursive for English letters than for the German letters and somehow expected to remember the difference between them confused.

Now they're in Year 10 and Year 6 and nobody gives a toss one way or the other about how they write a capital F - in fact, DD1 only ever hands in computer-written formal assignments nowadays, so her handwriting is irrelevant (quite a good thing, really).

Expectans Tue 17-Dec-13 11:57:13

That sounds very complicated AphraBane! My own handwriting is dreadful in anything other than fountain pen, so I do not think there is any hope for mini-me to be legible, alas.

justwondering72 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:31:27

we are in France and coming up against this now. Ds is 6 and just started in primaire this year. from day one he has been expected to write French cursive, which I am certain has not changed since napolean's day! since neither DH nor I are French, and I am slowly reaching him to read and write English at home, he is learning two forms of handwriting at the same time. when we do his homework, we h help him with the French cursive, and when we do some English, we stick with the straightforward printing. if he mixes them up, I don't see it as a problem from the English pov - handwriting in the UK can be any shape as long as its legible. but in French he has to stick with the accepted form of cursive, they are very strict on it here.

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