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Spanish MFL resources for an 8/9 year old

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violetbean Wed 29-Jan-14 23:51:00

Ohh just realised this is a zombie thread! Wish the app would warn me...

violetbean Wed 29-Jan-14 23:49:50

How old is your DD?

Would watching DVDs of her favourite films/series in Spanish & with Spanish subtitles work? A number of the DVDs I own have Spanish language options even if they are English/American films.

Also if you type 'Muzzy Spanish' into YouTube you can find a children's language programme, that I used to watch as a child. A bit dated but sweet!

FunmiB Fri 24-Jan-14 16:27:40

Why not try visiting It includes a lot of the Mediaset España children's programs.

Other great resources for children learning Spanish are Little Linguist and the BBC's primary Spanish site:

Bonsoir Tue 15-Oct-13 12:01:09

My DD, who is bilingual French-English, has just started learning Spanish. Her school uses a Spanish CEFR-linked programme and teaches through the medium of Spanish using native speaker teachers. All the DC in the class (only 9 DC) are already bilingual and are high-performers and there are 4 x 30 min classes per week, so the DC move at a cracking pace.

DD is delighted to be learning Spanish and I am already planning our next summer holidays in a Spanish-speaking country. However, I should like to get her to listen to some more Spanish in the mean time. Has anyone got any fab suggestions for DVDs of great films? The only Spanish film I can think of is Jamon Jamon, apart from Almodovar which is mostly wildly unsuitable...

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