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French and spanish for the little one

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Carole803 Mon 12-Aug-13 18:08:08

I was born in France, and french was my first language, with my parents speaking English to me at home.

We moved to England when I was 6 and I stubbornly refused to speak French anymore, so I buried my French ina little box in my brain.

As a young adult I was drawn to learning my birth tongue again and studied French and Spanish at uni.

I am in England now and would like to expose my soon-to-be-born child to at least French from early on.

I will read french books, including some of my childhood ones, and I plan om getting audio material of stories and nursery rhymes. I will also chatter in French, but know I am not as fluent or correct as I should be and don't want to confuse the little one.

I am not looking to get reciting conjugations me by 2 (as per the life of Brian) but I want to make other languages a part of their life.

We go to France for hols fairly regularly, but not enough to be immersed, and I hope to find some baby/ toddler groups in Bristol. But does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can make language a natural part of our lives?

Btw- my other half is born and bred Bristol, and although he supports the language thing, we can't chatter to each other in French.

Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.

nextphase Tue 13-Aug-13 16:30:05

I'd forget about the spanish for now - unless you are fluent.

DH was brought up in his parents mother tongue, in the UK. He rarely speaks his first language outside of trips back to the family village, or phone calls to his parents.

He has tried to speak to the kids in his mother tongue at all times. Conversations including me are in English, although he will sometimes suggest something to the kids, and then turn to me "what so you think mummy, should we XYZ?"

We have books and, now they are older, DVDs of cartoons in other language. We also skype Grandparents at the weekend, so the kids are included in a conversation between adults in the other language - they are not forced to join in, and can play if they prefer. What is your parents french like?

Good luck - it is amazing to see their little brains sort out the two languages - we now get "No, daddy it isn't a ABC, Mummy says DEF".

Carole803 Tue 13-Aug-13 19:53:43

Thanks nextphase. I don't feel stro mg enough to tackle both languages, so agree, drop spanish.

I like your suggestions, and you are right, both my parents speak superb French, and they will love the opportunity to speak it again.

Videos and story books are on my list.

I like the idea of being able to secretly plan surprises for daddy, with him in earshot.

Thankd again.

agreenmouse Wed 18-Sep-13 17:59:43

Delayed response but Mumsnet French & Spanish blog A Green Mouse might be helpful?

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