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Want DS1 & 2 to learn European Portuguese... Finding it really difficult!

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NutcrackerFairy Sun 09-Jun-13 11:46:30

DH is of Portuguese origin and speaks fluently.

I am of English speaking origin and can only understand/speak minimal Portuguese.

I am at home mostly with DSs [4 yo and 2 yo]. DH tries to speak Portuguese with DSs when he is at home but really not enough. He is not particularly chatty at the best of times so DSs exposure to the language is limited.

My main problem seems to be there is not much available in European Portuguese anyway. I was looking into local classes or groups for children but could only find ones for French and German.

There are also limited resources, ie books, that are European Portuguese. Local library had to order the one book in the entire borough for me, then there was nothing else available!

I guess I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Or are there any European Portuguese Mums around in South East London that we could perhaps meet up with or any classes or groups that anyone could recommend? Any books or CDs that are good for young children?


OneLittleToddleTerror Mon 10-Jun-13 15:51:40

Hi I can't help with the Portuguese. Also my DD is only 2.2yo so I can't say if I'm successful yet. But I speak a very minority languages so I can understand how difficult it is. My goal is set pretty low in that I just hope DD can understand what my parents say.

For the resources. Does your DH have family in Portugual? Can they buy things for you? I have for peppa pig and dora the explorer in Cantonese which my parents bought for me. Can you get books and TV shows like this?

Also I think it would help if you can all go to Portugal for family holidays often. It's a lovely place to get some sun!

Good luck.

noramum Mon 10-Jun-13 20:25:50

Find an Internet bookshop for books and DVDs. If your OH has family there ask them to send items a couple of times a year.

Book holidays there.

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