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Bi-Lingual Child Returning to UK

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LeBFG Thu 30-May-13 12:50:47

I would instinctively be thinking that books/TV are not very interactive and language is learned through necessity to communicate. What about posting on Mumsnet local for French mums in your area? If you live in/near a city there should be quite a few around. Could help keep your french up too!

superfluouscurves Fri 17-May-13 09:23:46

Don't want to sound negative but, as you know, it's going to be quite a challenge when you are not surrounded by the French language. Maybe search for a French family in your area with a little girl the same age?

mummytime Fri 17-May-13 09:07:34

I would definitely look around for a French Saturday school or similar. In my town I would know exactly where to recommend and Mums to put you in contact with but you local Cercle Fancais might be able to help.

Lala29 Fri 17-May-13 08:56:40

I know my SIL goes to a French playgroup with her 3 year old, so perhaps you can investigate French groups or after school clubs, etc when you return? I have found that you seem to be able to find anything and everything language related in most parts of te country ( although we're in London, so a lot easier). At 5, I would relax on TV a bit (I am very anti it for my toddler). I think you could make French fun by only allowing French telly ( not saying leave her there for hours, but say if you decide 30 mins a day is ok, make those French cartoons). Does she read a bit herself already? If so, give her French books to read, like above poster said, French radio. I have a Pure Internet/digital radio, you go on their website and just search by language, genre, etc. so I have found children's programmes with chat, stories and music in my language. It's now always on in the house.

Plenty of language related ipad apps as well. I think if you make an effort, it's very doable. Good luck!

nextphase Thu 16-May-13 20:57:37

Slightly different situation, as DH is fluent in the minority language, but some thoughts below:

Do you listen to the radio? The internet has been great for streaming second language radio in the "wrong" country.

We also stack up on books (tho this might not work if your not a fluent speaker!), CD's (and DVD's) when visiting the country.

Does DD have access to a computer? What about games on line?

A french au pair at some point?

Look in your area for any french speaking parents with kids a similar age, and befriend them?

Good luck keeping her french up

CatPinoy Thu 16-May-13 19:41:54


We are returning back to the UK from France - my five year old daughter is now bilingual - mummy and daddy speak English and very very bad French... blush

We are pretty sure that at such a young age she is going to lose all her French, we are not sure how we can "keep it going".....schools are not going to help - they are just teaching things like "bonjour"....and we do not let her watch TV, so not interested in just plonking her in front of the box !

Anyone in a similar position ?


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