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TheHerringScreams Sun 21-Apr-13 15:17:05

DH is Russian.

His family come from Tiksi but he lived until about sit in Pskov and then moved to Tiksi (such a long way! I mean from Pskov to right up in the Arctic!) and I met him whilst he was living in Yakutsk..they move a lot!).

Our children are fluent in Russia and Sakha....anyone else with DC learning/bilingual in Russian?

Lala29 Wed 24-Apr-13 23:23:19

I am russian and DH is British. I've been in the UK since I was 13 though and actually find it a bit easier speaking English. But DD is being brought up bilingually. She is only 18 months, but understands instructions in both languages. I have to make a real effort though, have russian radio on all the time and read russian books. It's easier now, as I am getting used to speaking 100% russian to her.

Your DH sounds like he's led an exciting life I've never even heard of Tiksi! How did you meet? How old are your children and how are they getting on with their languages?

MultipleMama Fri 24-May-13 18:29:22

I am half Russian and my DH is German. We live the UK - I was born in UK so I'm fluent in both Russian & English and learnt German in school and being around DH helped a lot. We hope to move to either Germany or Russia in years to come.

My oldest ds is 4.5 and he speaks both Russian and German very well almost fluent. We try to use all 3 languages around him.

DD is 2 and knows quite a lot of words and phrases and is improving with sentences - from an early age she understood and followed. When she's 3, will take up lessons for a year to speed it up.

Dts1 & 2 are 8mo are understanding simple words but can't speak them obvs.

We use all 3 in our everyday lives:

DH = "vava" nickname for German pronunciation of father.
Brother = "bruder" - German.
Sister = "wes" nickname for German pronunciation of Sister.
DH's parents = "Opa and Oma" - German.
My father = "ded" shortened nickname for Grandpa.
Aunts & Uncles etc = English.

MultipleMama Fri 24-May-13 18:32:42

We have family in Kazan, long haul flights are awful!

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