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Advice regarding preschool welsh

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ebwy Thu 04-Jul-13 01:59:27

S4c all morning. Even if your tiddler isn't sat watching, they still soak up language. Books. using the language as much as you can. Look up a local cylch meithryn (sadly, I'm in England so I don't get that option). Leave s4c or radio cymru on if you like "background noise"...

The more they hear, the more they learn.

I'm doing most of these to raise my almost-3-year-old and his baby brother to be bilingual, and it's working.

alteredimages Tue 11-Jun-13 12:41:21

Would second s4c programmes and it's great you're reading books etc.

Other activities really depend where you live, but if you're in a welsh speaking area there should be welsh language playgroups. Even trips to village cafes and play dates with local children can be great opportunities. You might even get a chance to practice too!

eatyourveg Thu 06-Jun-13 19:51:34

S4C childrens programmes here

Fairyegg Mon 13-May-13 23:34:52

I think it's useful to get your child familiar with some welsh nursery rhymes,colours and numbers. I really wouldn't worry though, they soon pick it up.

fraktion Fri 05-Apr-13 21:27:32

Are you Welsh? Or at least fluent? Could you consider some kind of OPOL or situational bilingualism? I'm not a fan of L1/L2/L1 switches because it doesn't provide the need to use the L2.

Tbh I wouldn't be worried before preschool. If he knows a few key phrases then he'll be able to integrate and it's better to firmly establish the home language if all his education is going to be through L2, although depending where you are in Wakes there may be very strong English influences.

alexpolismum Fri 05-Apr-13 14:06:45

Have a look on the Twf website. They have all sorts of resources to help parents in your situation, and there's probably a local group

biryani Wed 03-Apr-13 16:21:18

Personally, I think it's a little early to be thinking about it. If he enters the Welsh preschool and then school system he will just pick it up naturally, even if there are no Welsh speakers in the home. I'm assuming that you live in Wales, by the way!

Perhaps there are some Welsh-speaking playgroups around? Or Sunday school?

AuntieBrenda Wed 03-Apr-13 08:54:04

I've name changed by the way, I was Smiling

AuntieBrenda Wed 03-Apr-13 08:53:39

My son is 2. what advice would you give as to how i can support his welsh acquisition at home before he begins preschool? We read simple books and use greetings, some simple idiom. I also do the welsh-English-welsh thing of repeating sentences and vocabulary. What else could I do?
Please don't hijack my thread this time if you're not into bilingualism, I want advice from the genuinely well informed not those with a political axe to grind wink


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