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Chinese New Year Mandarin Playdate 21st and 22nd Feb 2013 Queens Park

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lydiacherry Wed 13-Feb-13 10:13:41


Anyone interested in their child being introduced to Mandarin language and culture? Looking for activities over half term?

Best suited for children ages 3-7 years old

1. Thursday 21st Feb, from 11am till 3:00pm

2. Friday 22nd Feb, from 12:30pm till 4:30pm

Cost: £5.00 per hour for one child £7.50 for two siblings. Min two hours.

Venue: Queen's Park/Kensal Rise NW London

How to get there: It’s a 5 minute walk from Kensal Rise overground. Queen’s Park tube station is 15 minute walk if you have a child in tow.

Day 1 Thursday 21st Feb 2013 11am -3pm

The icebreaker: learning how to greet each other in Mandarin and say your name.

Activity 1 - Making Chinese Dumplings

The dumplings are made by wrapping home made dough around meat and cabbage before boiling them for serving with a dipping sauce.

Please let us know if your children have any dietary requirements as a veggie option is also available. Feel free to pack your child's favourite food but they will be fed lots of fruit and veg as well as dumplings, juice and water.

Activity 2 - Make a snake to mark the year of the Snake -as pretty or scary as you like

Loved and feared the snake is an awesome creature. People born in the Year of the Snake are said to be keen, cunning, intelligent and wise – sometimes materialistic but are good mediators and good at doing business

Further activities - Chinese tea parties; Chinese stories; Chinese zodiac Olympics and Chinese ribbon dancing.

Day 2 Friday 12:30-4:30pm

The icebreaker: learning how to greet each other in Mandarin and say your name and wishing each other ‘good appetite’.

Activity 1 – Experimenting with chopsticks and new foods

Friday afternoon begins with a yummy healthy lunch with eight small bites. 8 being lucky number. Experimenting with chopsticks.

Activity 2 - Making a Chinese lantern for the Lantern Festival

The festival marks the end of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year. At night, children would come out with their families and walk the streets with lanterns. Though for the sake of safety we will be using LED candles in colorful, paper constructions.

Activity 3 – A Snake Encounter from Jungle Fortress)

The highlight of the session includes a snake encounter (and perhaps some furrier fluffier companions for those in need of a cuddle). For some of you braver children the afternoon will include a nature lesson featuring real snakes from a real handler from the sanctuary! (non- venomous and fully insuredsmile).

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