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Facebook group for Swedish and Scandic Parents in and around South London.

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MammaCici Fri 08-Mar-13 14:45:09

Hej, There is a website (and app) called
I use it to connect with English speaking parents where I live in Stockholm. You could set up a group for nordic parents. It's free. There might already be a nordic parents group in your area which you could join and add your own gatherings to. Maybe you'll find it useful, maybe not!

calypsosmama Tue 12-Feb-13 10:27:30

Hej! I would like to gather Scandinavian families in my area of South east London for a play date /meeting in a local park or play center please join my Facebook group if you or your partner are of Scandinavian origin, as in Finnish, Finnish Swedish, Norwegian Icelandic, Danish or Swedish.
I have three children who are trilingual at different degrees, 6,3 and 1 years old.
The goals is to create a group that meets up regularly to increase a sense of cultural identity in the children and promote the minority language.
Obviously you can join in even if you are living further afield and don't mind traveling.

Links: Scandic Parents in and around SE19, SE20, SE26,

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