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Reading books

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Shmumty Thu 24-Jan-13 14:14:45

We apply the one parent one language rule, so our child is being brought up bilingually. What do you do when your child brings you a book to read which is not in your language?

1 Translate it rather than reading it in the language it was written in
2 Read it the way it is
3 Get a different book
4 Something else


noramum Thu 24-Jan-13 16:30:42

We do "German = home", "English = outside".

I read any book brought to me in the language it is written.

You can't fluently translate a book with more than one sentence per page and keep the story going, not even a proper translater can do that.

I may suggest "how about a German book" but I like reading to DD so I read what she likes. I limit the English exposure by keeping the German stack at home bigger than what we buy in English.

Since she is in school homework is obviously done in English so we read her schoolbooks together and she has age and level appropriate reading material from the library to practice.

JBrd Fri 25-Jan-13 10:34:58

Same here - I only speak German with DS, but will read any book in the language it is written in. But anything that deviates from the text in the book (pointing to pictures, questions etc), I'll revert back to German.

DS goes through phases with different favourite books, and we go with the flow, regardless of which language they are in.

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