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Any Zulu/Ndebele speaking families?

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alexpolismum Sun 13-Jan-13 18:40:38

She won't get confused as long as he is consistent and ONLY speaks in Ndebele when talking to her. He can do this and still speak to you in English.

There is a family living near me with three languages. The mother speaks Armenian, the father Russian and the community language is Greek. The children manage fine and are both trilingual.

sarahanneg Sun 13-Jan-13 13:53:29

Hi. My husband speaks Ndebele but doesn't want to speak it with our baby. He says he doesn't want to confuse her as I also speak German to her. I'm sure she would be able to separate the languages? We have to speak English as we dont speak each other's language. And I think its important to teach her Ndebele now so that she can learn the clicks. As an adult its so much harder (I can't do them) and his mum doesn't speak English well so she will have to learn at some point. Should we wait for her to be fluent in English before starting another language?

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