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Poll: When did you child start to talk?

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TheBlonde Thu 20-Apr-06 07:50:09

Poll: When did you child start to talk?

- I'll go first, DS 14 mths no words yet

threebob Thu 20-Apr-06 07:58:37

Said "Hiya" to the HV at his 10 month check.

Video your ds and watch it in a couple of months - you may find that he does say things, they just don't make complete sense yet.

intergalacticwalrus Thu 20-Apr-06 08:07:55

DS said nothing but Brrrrrrrrrr until he was 15 months. He's 16 months now and has suddenly, in the last week or 2, started spouting different words everyday.

I started a thread about this a week or so ago, and the general consensus was that many children don't really have any vocab until they are around 2.

Here's the thread

fredly Thu 20-Apr-06 14:51:00

19m here and no word as such except daddy (grrrr... ). But she's very good at barking like a real dog and braying like a donkey !

Greensleeves Thu 20-Apr-06 14:55:45

18mo and says things like "ha' dat un" to indicate which toy he wants; things like mummy, dada, duck, cat, ball, spoon (sounds more like "zboooooh", "bah" for "bath", No, various other things but not very clear yet. He doesn't babble much though, when he's not actively trying to communicate he's quite quiet.

Blu Thu 20-Apr-06 14:56:44

Am posting cautiously - is this to re-assure people whose children talk at a usual kind of age 9later than people seem to think) or to find out child prodigies?

DS talked at about 12 months (single words), in full sentences at 18months, and by 22 months was using quite complicated / abstract words like 'both' and 'together' correctly.

He now sounds exactly like all his friends and is showing no particular accelaration in reading etc.

So none of it proves anything, IMO!

Socci Thu 20-Apr-06 14:58:15

Message withdrawn

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 20-Apr-06 15:00:54

I have started thinking about this myself TheBlonde, as ds is 16 months.
He says 'ta' when you give him something, dada, mumma, and is constantly babbling and making silly noises. Am working on the 'cat' word at the moment!

kama Thu 20-Apr-06 15:01:18

Message withdrawn

TheBlonde Thu 20-Apr-06 15:24:05

DS does lots of babbling but no attempts at using any words to communicate.

Bozza Thu 20-Apr-06 15:31:06

I can't really remember. DD is 23 months and has 100s of words (some of which are very clear) but not much in the way of sentences.

LeahE Thu 20-Apr-06 15:32:15

DS (15 months) says dada and du (duck) and wa (quack) [anyone see a theme developing here...?] but that's it (he does babble constantly and seems to think he's talking, so maybe he does have some words I'm missing). He shakes his head for "No" and nods his head for "Yes", though.

hulababy Thu 20-Apr-06 18:55:59

DD started talking pretty early, starting with muma and dada (used towards Dh and I at appropriate time, rather than just repeatedly usingthe sounds) at almost 7 months, closely followed by the word tractor! She said 2 word combinations by a year, and proper sentences by 18 months.

They are all different and do different thinks t different ages. Babies haven't read the development charts so don't know "the rules"

Socci Thu 20-Apr-06 18:57:40

Message withdrawn

hulababy Thu 20-Apr-06 19:13:10

But she is 4 now and most of her friends are just the sameas her, although she still has an incredible vocab bank and some of the things she says sound very grown up. But ont he whole she is just talking like a normal just turned 4yo. They all catch up int he end on the whole IME.

PeachyClair Thu 20-Apr-06 20:00:00

This week

at last

he's 3 at the end of July

Hausfrau Thu 20-Apr-06 20:14:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spursmum Thu 20-Apr-06 20:18:35

Another ASD child here. DS only started with clear words just after his 3 birthday too.

GDG Thu 20-Apr-06 20:19:04

And to give the opposite scenario to Blu, I can't remember exact ages at which mine talked but I know ds1 was quite behind his peers at 18 months. However, deffo by 3 he had caught up and quickly became much more articulate than any of them - he has just turned 5 and is in reception. A number of people have commented to me how wide his vocab is and how articulate he is and in terms of reading - he couldn't read before he started in September but is now sailing through year 2 reading books.

Sounds like a boast (and of course I am proud of him!) but just giving the opposite situation for anyone worried about later talkers.

Took ds3 for his 18 month check the other week - he's 19 months now and the HV wanted me to bring him back in a few months because she thought he should have 20 clear words by now and he hasn't. Ds1 didn't either so I flatly refused - I know he is perfectly bright and his speech is progressing all the time. I'm not in the least bit concerned but I worry about how much stress HV must cause less 'confident' parents.

Wallace Thu 20-Apr-06 20:21:22

Words at 9 months for dd and 10months for ds. 2 word phrases at about 18months for both (by which time they both had an enormous vocab) and full sentences by the age of 2.

GDG Thu 20-Apr-06 20:22:45

At 19 months ds3 can clearly say mummy, daddy, bye bye, ta, car, ball. Other words that I understand but you wouldn't would be for juice, the names of his 2 brothers, upstairs, downstairs, outside, bath, biscuit, spoon, fork. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. He babbles and chats constantly ( can't think where he gets it from!)

mcmudda Thu 20-Apr-06 20:29:48

DS had a couple of dozen words by 13 months, his first word (other than mummy or daddy) was "boon" for balloon on his first birthday. 2 words together by 15 months and so on. any words he couldn't actually say he signed instead ie "dinosaur"

Dd is 10 months and has about 3/4 words that me and dh understand but no-on else would pick up. She also signs regularly (all finished/nappy change/hello/goodbye/more/milk/food/bird/lion(!)) She's certainly picking up the signing far faster than ds did and it's so lovely to see her being pleased with herself when she realises I've understood her - she looks soo chuffed!

Socci Thu 20-Apr-06 20:36:04

Message withdrawn

PeachyClair Thu 20-Apr-06 20:42:49

don't think age indicates that much anyway, not on it's own. DS1 could say loads at a year- he ahs a verbal age now of four years older than him- yet he has AS. DS2 spoke at about 18 months I guess, the world's most average kid.

DS3 hmmmmm. Deffo Aspergers traits (he's the one who strated this week btw) but I don't think he is tbh, though hard to tell. There are some things though- like screaming for two hours last night coz I moved the laundry basket- but he is sociaable ina way Sam isn't.

ghosty Thu 20-Apr-06 20:48:50

DS started talking early ... first words at 14 months, putting 2/3 words together by 18 months ... full sentences well before his 2nd birthday.
DD ... nothing, nada, zilch at 16 months (only Daddy - not even Mummy ).
Few words came at 18 months ... and then it was like the floodgates opened ... she seemed to have a new word every day.
She is now 2 and 2 months ... She is now putting 2/3 words together and the sentences don't seem that far off now.

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