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Looking for Mandarin teacher in Sevenoaks

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lydiacherry Wed 30-Jan-13 15:10:31

I can help - my daughter is 4 and speaks fluent mandarin - her previous nanny tutors now that she is at school. we also have a Chinese babysitter. Email me if you like at We are also having a Mandarin playdate for 3-7 year olds in Kensal Rise/Queens Park NW London for all levels of Mandarin on the 21 and 22nd Feb to celebrate Chinese new Year. They will be making dumplings, paper snakes and learning some basic phrases - like 'Hi my name is whilst having a bit of a jolly.

happyschoolrun Wed 05-Dec-12 18:51:55

Hi, just read your message about mandarin lessons. I am a mum of two and I live in Sevenoaks. I have taught kids Mandarin before including my own. I even volunteered at a Chinese Community school before. I am a native mandarin speaker, maybe I can teach your kids(or/and yourself) Mandarin? Let me know. P.S. £50 /45 min soooo expensive!

BHEmum Tue 04-Dec-12 09:50:44

Local adult learning centre or Chinese school for kids. U could have luck there looking for teachers.

Good luck!

BHEmum Tue 04-Dec-12 09:46:46

That's really pricey!! U can try local uni or college where they teach Chinese, and can ask teachers directly if they know someone they can recommend to teach your 5/6 year old Chinese.

Well done on starting them early!

We live in west London. I am Chinese, my husband is learning Chinese from a local teacher. She teaches in uni, that's where it started, at the moment he is taking lessons with her privately. She charges 70-80 pounds per term, each class is 2-3 hrs. This is group class. Believe private is more pricey. If for
kids that young, just conversational
Chinese, can get Chinese nanny for a day a week. That might work out cheaper and more efficient!

Porfavor Sun 02-Dec-12 22:08:21

I have to children of 5 and 6 years and I would like them to learn Mandarin. I thought a way to get started could be setting up some private tutoring, a couple days a week, with someone who speaks it fluently.

It would be great if there were any Mandarin clubs or any after school activities but I have done some searches and didn't find anything. I have seen there is the option of going to London for classes but I would prefer to find something more local.

If anyone knows of any group already organized for kids please let me know. I am actually thinking that if I get a teacher to come home maybe I could join the lessons myself, to encourage the children. Any references of a teacher that would come home would be very helpful too. And also ideas of what to pay for this type of tutoring. I got a quote from a school in London and they suggested 50GBP for 45 minutes. I thought that was quite pricey.

Any ideas welcome on how to get this started.

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