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rhyming books in French

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tourdefrance Thu 11-Oct-12 15:48:10

Can anyone recommend any good rhyming books in French please? DS2 (age 2) in particular loves Duck in a Truck in English and some other rhyming books in German.


MIFLAW Fri 12-Oct-12 14:42:11

I would say that rhyming books are less common because French scansion does not produce a strong rhythm like English or German, so French is stronger on songs than on verse as the music adds the "beat" that the spoken language lacks.

However, depending on whether your child is just 2 or nearly 3, and depending on her appetite for a story, then you might have a look at the Lili bobo series, which are probably aimed at 4-6-year-olds but are accessible by younger children.

As a baby my daughter also liked the standard translation of Seuss's The Cat In The Hat ("Le Chat Chapeaute"). Obviously, she didn't understand a word of it - but the sound of the language combined with the easily actable drama of the story pleased her, and I think she liked the pictures too.

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