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Chinese/Cantonese parents in Teddington/Hampton Hill/Kingston area

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Pinetreeland Mon 27-Aug-12 14:59:12

me too - i live quite close to kingston too and used to grow up there. I was originally from HK but migrated when I was quite young. Would love to meet up!

ma888 Wed 22-Aug-12 12:55:53

Hi mamij - are you still looking to meet up to expose your girls to Cantonese. I'm BBC and speak some Cantonese . Kingston would be a good place to meet as I'm not far from there. PM me to chat.

mamij Mon 06-Aug-12 22:10:26

Thanks! Have added my name to the list.

yumcha888 Sat 04-Aug-12 17:45:26

Hi mamij,

I run a Cantonese playgroup called PlayCantonese - - all our sessions are based in Central London but if you look at the website you'll find our PlayDate Finder. The PlayDate Finder is just a list of Cantonese learning families and where they live so you may find some families near you? Worth having a look!

mamij Sat 14-Jul-12 20:13:23


I want to expose my girls to more Cantonese in a social situation (2 years and 9 months and 8 months) and wondered if there are mums in the area who would like to meet up.

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