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Question for French mums in uk or uk mums in France

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tostaky Wed 20-Jun-12 10:52:11

Hi, in France there are magasines such as j'aime lire, histoires pour les petits, mikado, etc...
I'm looking for their English equivalent... Do you know if there is something? I particularly like the fact you get CDs with the

tostaky Wed 20-Jun-12 10:52:38

With the magasine of course!

Indith Wed 20-Jun-12 10:55:30

I don't know.....I have good memories of J'aime Lire!

tostaky Thu 21-Jun-12 19:09:16

Cest bizarre qu'il n'y ai pas d'equivalent en angleterre!


LadyInDisguise Sat 23-Jun-12 19:41:41

non pas que je sache...
It's a shame as my dcs do get some magazines like this from France (the cost is dire though...) but there is no equivalent here in the UK.

internationalbeeboo Thu 28-Jun-12 18:04:55

French magazines for children are brilliant; I was having this conversation with DH the other day that UK magazines are really different - good on the craft, but not much substance...

tostaky Thu 28-Jun-12 21:41:54

so... there's really nothing then? what a shame....! i will have to get them "vocable"....!!!! (when they are older)

internationalbeeboo Fri 29-Jun-12 19:55:53

If there is anything similar to the French-style mags, I'd certainly like to seems to all be brand-based magazines in English. Gap in the market, maybe?

hereshegoesagain Fri 06-Jul-12 12:15:00

not that I know of. For us, the Lycee in London offered subscriptions ( at a cost )... maybe through French Institute, french bookshop etc.... even if you don't live in London?
We've had J'aime Lire, Okapi and other mags arriving at the grandparents house for years, collecting them when we visit...

tostaky Fri 06-Jul-12 20:55:48

Thanks but I'm looking for the equivalent in English... We are both French, live in London and want to read nice. Stories in English. CDs are also great to listen in the car.

jamaisjedors Sat 15-Sep-12 20:47:26

For CDs or stories in English look at (free and you can download and burn to CD).

For magazines, if you are both French, don't you want to push the French (so get the French magazines) rather than the English language? It will dominate anyway?

Some people on here have recommended FirstNews

Otherwise there are loads of books with accompanying CDs in the Uk - much more than in France I would say (but then I'm in France!).

What age range are you looking for?

jamaisjedors Sat 15-Sep-12 20:49:12

There is storybox also, which we got for a bit published by bayard (french!) or Aquila for older ones.

tostaky Mon 17-Sep-12 21:22:04

Jamais je dors - Merci!!! Thank you!!
I was looking for something like Akila and story box.

Bonsoir Thu 20-Sep-12 08:28:50

The English market for books for young readers is much richer than the French market for books for young learners. I think that magazines fill the gap in France.

jamaisjedors Thu 20-Sep-12 17:44:58

I agree! All the best books DS1 has brought home from school have been translated from English.

In his first week he was very proud to bring "Diary of a Killer Cat" which he had already listened to (CD) in English.

Actually DS1 was asking me about this today - he asked why so many of the books were English. I said that English children do a lot more creative writing at school, so maybe then turn into writers?

So far (DS is in CE2) he has tried to write one story at home in English, and never done anything creative-writing wise in French. Is that just our school?

Bonsoir Thu 20-Sep-12 17:51:57

DD is in CE2 and has hardly done any creative writing in French at school - last year she did bring home a few "poems" she had written for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on.

jamaisjedors Thu 20-Sep-12 17:54:04

That's true, I did get a lovely poem for Mother's Day.

fargone Thu 11-Oct-12 09:57:06

I don't really know of any equivalents- the french do the best kids' magazines - they are things like First News and kids versions of Geo etc but not so much for young kids here.

BadMissM Thu 29-Nov-12 17:03:29

Moved back here from France, and despite working in teaching, never found magazine equivalents here. Most English kids magazines are, frankly, quite silly. You find more similar things to Okapi etc in Children's 'workbooks' for the holidays.

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