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Deutsche Kinderbücher - AIBU or are a lot of them crap?

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WidowWadman Sat 28-Jan-12 22:16:30

Talking about younger children's books mostly. Once they're old enough to get James Kruess/Astrid Lindgren (translations, I know, but still) and Michael Ende, there's a whole world of brilliant things to read, but for a 3 year old?

Pixie Bücher are dire and badly written and make me want to stab my eyes out - most of the Sandmann-Gutenacht Geschichten anthologies we've been given by well-meaning relatives are the same. And I simply hate the innaneness of Laura's Stern.

We've got a handful which are ok (in my opinion, and my daughter's):

Die Geschichte vom Kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hat.
Frederick (I think it's actually American, but we've got the translation - mice stories, quite sweet)
A few non-fiction things about farming and wood animals and my own translation of Peace at bloody last by Jill godihateyou Murphy

But we need more - I used to do a lot of stehgreif translation of her English books - so reading them in German to her when they actually were in English, but now that she's starting to learn to read I can;t do that anymore, as it's confusing her - she keeps wanting to identify letters and words

So what books can I get for her? She's 3, and loves funny stories which have a little bit of rhyme or toying with language in them, or where she can take over parts and shout them out loud?

Schnullerbacke Fri 10-Aug-12 20:47:25

I also loathe Connie! Blurgh!

I would recommend the following:
Der kleine Maulwurf
Zilly (Winnie the Witch)
Mama Muh
Lieselotte die Kuh (both cows have a great sense of humour)
Leo Lausemaus

I read these books to both 5 and 3 year old and they both love them.

@ Tour - there are some great books out for beginners. Either the noun words exchanged for pictures so they just read the easier words, some in large print, short stories etc. There is loads to choose from.

sanam2010 Sun 02-Sep-12 15:48:58

Lol, yes i have noticed this. I think some of the translations are good. I much prefer "gruffalo" and "the very hungry caterpillar" in german actually.

As to actual German books, there are some good ones by Paul Maar. We like "Die Maus, die hat Geburtstag heut", it all rhymes and there's lots to learn in terms of memory and animals. I also take a lot English books and just tell the story in German, not as a literal translation but just inspired by the pictures.

AngelaMerkel Sat 15-Sep-12 15:53:10

I'm an English speaker in CH. Today I bought in a floeh markt. Ich weck dick wenn der Fruehling kommt. We've like it (Although my german isn't up to scratch to really pass judgement).
The ISBN is 3-7655-6759-0

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