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Any Cantonese / BBC parents in London?

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yumcha888 Mon 25-Jul-11 14:11:56

Hi everyone,

I'm a BBC in London with a 4.5 month old DS. I'm thinking of starting a Cantonese class, based around babies, in Central London and wondered if there would be anyone else interested. If I can get a group together I want to start hour long classes where parents can bring their babies and together we can learn:

- basic, home based Cantonese (e.g. 'Shall we go to the museum today?', 'It's bedtime!')
- stories you can read with the kids (and we can learn reading and writing at the same time!)
- games to play with the babies

And of course have some time to chat with each other and find some Cantonese friends for our DCs.

Anyone else interested?

JW888 Fri 29-Jul-11 20:21:56

Hi yumcha88, that is a very good idea. Where are you going to hold the class. I also thinking to start a Cantonese sing song group in Greenwich, the local children centre really support the idea, but still have lots of details to be confirmed. Still looking for another volunteer to help me running the group, prefer someone who can read and write chinese as well. do you live in the South-East?

yumcha888 Thu 28-Mar-13 19:03:26

Hi there - just to update - we've been running several sessions of PlayCantonese for a while now -

We're looking to set up sessions in Stratford and Bromley, get in touch with if you would like to show your support for starting these sessions!

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