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Mandarin speaking playgroup in Ealing Broadway

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endeavouress Sun 05-Jun-11 21:51:32

Hi, are there any native Mandarin-speaking mothers with young toddlers (around 1-2 yr old) who would like to meet up for a playdate over the weekend?

I speak Mandarin exclusively to my 21 months old boy but would like him to have more exposure to the Mandarin language in a social environment.

If interested pls let me know. Thanks!

endeavouress Mon 22-Aug-11 15:55:19

Update 22/08/2011 - Still looking if anyone is interested smile

UptoapointLordCopper Tue 23-Aug-11 07:27:43

Not been to or know of any Mandarin playgroups but two DS (quite a bit older - 7 and 5) who speak mandarin to me. We are not in Ealing but very close by. PM me if you want to meet up!

pshan Wed 14-Sep-11 14:21:49

Hi endeavouress, I've been looking for a Mandarin playgroup too in the area for my DD (now 17 months) without success, so have decided to set one up. Would you be keen to come along for that?

I'm currently shortlisting suitable venues in the Ealing/Acton/Chiswick vicinity and looking to start by Oct, but would be pleased to meet up with you and your boy before that. PM me if you are up for lunch/park in the neighbourhood smile

UptoapointLordCopper, you're most welcome too if you don't mind the restlessness of eager toddlers!

Erimela Sun 09-Oct-11 07:42:21

hi! I am keen to find a mandarin speaking playgroup for my daughter - she is only 3 months old, though would like her to be exposed to mandarin and become fluent at a young age. She is half chinese half greek.

I am interested in the playgroup you are setting up in north london. Do you need help? If this is already organised, please let me know the details and we would love to attend.


Pinetreeland Mon 31-Oct-11 08:48:00

My child is half chinese and I would love for him to learn more chinese as well - we are from Wimbledon so anything in SW London would be great!

LondonMumsie Mon 31-Oct-11 08:52:52

How are you all getting on? I don't have a Mandarin-speaking niece/nephew yet but am hoping for one soon!

Candy1982 Fri 11-Nov-11 17:36:20

I am living in Wimbledon, would love to meet up with chinese mums and babies!!! Candy xx

endeavouress Mon 13-Feb-12 17:33:25

Hi all!
This is endeavouress - I posted the initial query back in June 2011. Did not realised there has been development until my husband gave me a nudge!

I would love to hear from anyone to get details about the new Mandarin playgroup mentioned in the thread. If someone would be kind enough to give me the details it'd be very, very appreciated.

Thanks all!!

WWCSW18 Fri 13-Apr-12 14:00:41

Hi all

My son has just turned 2, whilst I have been speaking to him in mandarin since birth, his English is still the stronger of the two.

As he has very limited exposure to the Chinese culture/language, would someone be able to advise me whether there are any Mandarin speaking play groups in SW18 area? Failing that, I would be really interested to meet with fellow mandarin speaking mums in SW18.

Please let me know.

lisallc Sun 06-May-12 20:41:11

Hi - I am moving to Merton Park at the end of the month and have a half-chinese baby girl (born October 2011). I would love to join a mandarin playgroup so please let me know if you have set one up in the Wimbledon area or if you would like to do so smile thanks!

oxbaby Tue 08-May-12 15:57:40

wow looks like there are already a few mums here in Wimbledon! I'm in Wimbledon too and will be more than happy to organise or simply be part of some gathering, anyone interested in having a meet up with other mandarin speaking mums in the area? Does a casual picnic gathering at Cannizaro park sound interesting to anyone? wink

echolv Fri 11-May-12 06:12:14

Enrollment Age
Programme Dates
Session 1: 2nd – 13th July
Session 2: 16th– 27th July
•Language, art and crafts, sports, drama, music, all taught in Mandarin
•Small class sizes
•Optional private tutoring classes
•Instruction from YK Pao School’s own highly experienced teachers
•Joint social activities with YK Pao School students
•Excursions and a variety of visits to experience Chinese culture
Language of Instruction

Tel: 86-21-61671999 ext 8101

jjjeee Wed 23-May-12 17:02:02

It seems quite a few families living in Wimbledon area. Me too! I am very happy to join the palydate group, could anyone let me know in more details if it has already been confirmed? My son is at the age of 4. Many thanks, Jessica

Pinetreeland Mon 28-May-12 14:55:04

Hi, my friend and I are thinking about starting a mandarin toddler/baby playgroup in the SW19/20 Wimbledon/Raynes Park area. If you are intersted to help/just join the group please let me know.

Also see the other thread I have started -

gemmaedet Mon 16-Jul-12 16:44:34

The post is a bit old.

If anyone is still intersted! I am up for it.
Native Mandrine speaker Living in Ealing smile

Vioyan Sun 07-Jul-13 00:41:31

Just started looking for a mandarin speaking playgroup for my little boy will turn 8 month next Wed, and saw this thread! I know I'm about a year late, but still, does anyone know if there is one exist? Or would any mandarin speaking parents like to form one or meet up in Ealing/Chiswick area??? Love to hear from anyone is interested...

MonaS80 Thu 15-Aug-13 22:39:58

Vioyan, I am slightly further out in Windsor, but I am trying to raise my 9 month old son with Mandarin (I am half chinese) so if you (or any other Mandarin mums) are interested in playdates, I would be interested, especially as our boys are fairly close in age!

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