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spanish exchange trip for ds aged 16

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mountaingirl Mon 24-Jan-11 17:16:38

Hello, Ds is 16 and has learnt some Spanish at school. I really think it would be good for him during the summer holidays to spend some time in Spain with a boy of his own age learning to speak the language properly. I don't seem to be able to find what I'm looking for when googling the subject, so wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Ds is at school in the UK but we as a family live in France. Both parents are native English speakers, have 3 dc's, husband and dc speak French fluently, mine depends on my mood!! We speak English at home. Ds is very sporty, skiing, ice hockey, mountain biking, horse riding and latest passion is rugby.

Don't mind if it is an exchange with another boy or if ds just goes to Spain to learn the language.

Can anyone help please.

Madge27 Fri 28-Jan-11 15:19:47

Wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat!

My son is 17 and has his Spanish GCSE. Now he is doing A'level Spanish (which is a lot harder) and is urgently in need of a trip to Spain and immersion in the language. I have been searching the internet but to no avail. We would gladly do an exchange, and would love to have a Spanish teen to stay - we did live in Mallorca for 3 years but they speak Catalan which is no help!

Any idea's gratefully received!

MrIC Sat 29-Jan-11 17:08:29

check out, the kids and teens section.

basically it's an English speaking summer camp for Spanish kids - the English kids go FREE in order to give the Spanish ones native speakers to talk to. I worked on a couple two years ago as a camp monitor and I have to say the kids all seemed to have a great time. They get put up in bungalows (usually two English speakers and two Spanish speakers) in 4 star hotels, all meals included plus transport to and from Madrid. The monitors organise lots of activities plus day trips and so on.

While they aren't supposed to speak Spanish on site, of course they do. Plus it's a great way to make Spanish friends with whom they could arrange future exchanges.

mountaingirl Sat 19-Feb-11 17:18:48

This looks brilliant MrIC! Will look at it in closer detail. Many thanks.

JustAnother Wed 09-Mar-11 07:27:34

I am Spanish and did lots of this student exchanges when I was at school. It was always organised privately. Normally an English mum would write to the "evening accademy" where we all learnt English and make the suggestion. Then the teachers would speak to the Spanish student's parents and take it from there. Spanish families tend to be very open to this kind of things. If I were you, I'd try writing to some of the many evening English schools in Madrid or other Spanish speaking cities. Try and avoid Catalan speaking areas, as many kids will be using Catalan with their friends, which excludes the foreign student. I'll have a look in a minute and see if I can find some of this evening schools for you

JustAnother Wed 09-Mar-11 07:29:56

for example:

casiopea Tue 05-Apr-11 23:59:53

Hi, I'm Spanish mum and also looking for a female partner for my daughter of 16. I'm a teacher and I've done some exchanges with my students and I disagree with what Justanother has said about the "catalan area". Our students can speak perfectly in both languages, Spanish and Catalan, and they have never had any problem with that.

JustAnother Fri 08-Apr-11 21:59:57

Of course they can speak both languages - no doubt about that. I come from that area, so I know what it is like. When you are used to speaking one of them with your friends all the time, it is too easy to gravitate towards that language and forget that there's a foreign student with you. It's like when you have a dinner with 10 Spanish speaker and one English one, who speaks good Spanish but not perfect. Everyone tries to speak slowly at the beginning and within 5 minutes the good intentions are forgotten...

Llucia Thu 08-Feb-18 08:10:07

In Catalonia we speak both languages ​​and if someone doesn't understand us in Catalan, we speak in Spanish. ALWAYS!

toefl2018 Sun 25-Feb-18 04:14:12

Definitely the best language learning schools in Spain would be
<a href="">TEFL Spain</a> Since they are a teacher training center and <a href="">TOEFL MADRID</a> where they provide you with a broad variety of courses.
Check them out!

toefl2018 Sun 25-Feb-18 04:19:16

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