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Investment scheme for your child this Christmas

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Ruthelisabeth Tue 05-Dec-17 11:31:22

In case this is useful, here's an article on investment schemes that you could set up for your child as a Christmas present this year:
Some interesting calculations on how much £100 invested for your baby this year could be worth in 18 years' time!

specialsubject Wed 06-Dec-17 18:41:33

Behind a paywall..

dontcallmethatyoucunt Thu 07-Dec-17 19:05:54

I agree with the sentiment. If my kids get more than £100 in their accounts I invest it in 'real' assets. No point in cash looks at premium bonds from 1970's

hevonbu Sat 09-Dec-17 17:40:42

What is it? An index fund with a very low fee?

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