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Any thoughts on investing in cryptocurrency?

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beckythomas Thu 09-Nov-17 19:44:03

Hi all,

Am looking to buy some crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. I have clue about how it works but trying to understand. Anyone who has brought bitcoins please share your thoughts here.

Noofly Tue 14-Nov-17 19:31:13

It’s a gamble, not an investment. Having said that, I bought quite a few Bitcoin years ago when they were £10 and am still hanging onto them. I also own some Ethereum and Litecoin. You’re really best reading as much as you possibly can about the various cryptos that interest you so that you can work out whether they are worth taking a gamble on. IMO, you’re best using this board to get answers on the practicalities of buying/owning rather than working out whether or not to buy in the first place.

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