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Investing in an apartment

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wiziliz Fri 25-Aug-17 09:28:52

We really want to buy an apartment in the UK, and rent short term. The problem is we are outside the UK at the moment,due to my husband's job. Is it possible to have and apartment and rent when the owner is outside the UK. Would really appreciate some help on this.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 25-Aug-17 22:19:20

Yes, you can own property from outside of the U.K. the % of stamp duty may be different (not sure TBH), but nothing will stop you.

Ttbb Fri 25-Aug-17 22:20:21

Don't do it, the housing market it heading for a crash in the near future.

Everhopeful68 Mon 25-Sep-17 02:01:59

Why do you think housing market is heading for a crash?

mrsplum2015 Mon 25-Sep-17 03:07:44

Our ifa said that getting a mortgage is pretty difficult (impossible) but if you're buying outright no reason not to.

Imo there are still many safe areas to buy property. We were told there would be a crash /drop when we bought our property in 2010 but it is now worth 150% of the 2010 price so I'm glad we didn't listen to all the negativity hmm

OlennasWimple Mon 25-Sep-17 03:22:20

Why are you interesting in buying an apartment? Because you want somewhere secure for your cash? Because you want to make ££££s? Because you intend to move to the UK at some point in the future and want to get onto the property ladder now and make a bit of ££ in the meantime?

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