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Share help? Birthday gift for DH

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Shakey15000 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:42:19

I have had a very quick scan in this section but thought I'd ask anyway grin

DH is unable to work at present and for the foreseeable and, as such, is mainly bored to tears. He likes to loosely follow the financial field and I was wondering if I could buy him some shares that he could monitor/follow? I'm ever so green in this area and haven't a clue blush

How would I go about it? I'm not talking mega amounts, more a meagre £50. Is that doable or would I be laughed at trying to buy?

Any suggestions? Or any other ideas investment wise? (not premium bonds)I'm done buying jumpers and aftershaves grin

Thanks in advance

Sunseed Fri 13-Jan-17 21:23:39

The Share Centre has a practice fantasy share facility where you can play with an imaginary £15,000 in investments. This doesn't cost anything to engage with.

The dealing costs on £50 would be disproportionately high so not a great idea really if you weren't intending to make further regular contributions.

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