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Homemade craft ideas?

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mummasays Fri 14-Oct-16 21:45:28

I'm currently on Mat leave wondering if I can find a hobby which I could potentially earn from (would love to be sahm) I'm not incredibly imaginative so would love to hear ideas of what people make/do/create and sell to earn some pennies? smile

gracealex7 Tue 01-Nov-16 06:00:04

wedding favours are easy to make and you can get them for cheap off sites like eBay or amazon and charge people to make them for a fee. Sometimes when planning a wedding they might not have the time and might be willing to pay someone to do it for them... Just an idea

MissMargie Thu 03-Nov-16 07:06:50

Looking at upmarket magazines there are sometimes old pictures / things on the wall which look like eg the small door from an aged cupboard in an old church. The door has old faded picture of saint or Madonna or flowers etc. Maybe with a faded pattern round the edge.
I think you could make this and that there could be saleable items in this but you would need to age the wood you used (dye/chalk paint), maybe put some gold leaf on the picture then rub it down. The picture would not have to be precise as you are going to age it so you don't have to be a great artist, perhaps could trace a pic.
If I ever get caught up with the garden and house decorating I will try this (ie prob never)

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