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Best long-term investment - any interesting ideas?!

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Reiltin Mon 28-Mar-16 20:07:57

We've been thinking about moving house. We have some equity but not enough to get us a similar sized house somewhere nice and we really don't want to lose a bedroom.

So instead, we're thinking of taking the money we'd spend on a bigger mortgage and investing it. But we aren't sure of the best thing to do.

Obviously, there are various savings accounts and stocks/shares, and we both have pensions which we'll probably increase the contributions to. But I'm trying to think a little outside the box! We'd want something pretty stable - we're not gamblers - and the housing market doesn't seem to tick that box anymore. I've heard that art is a good investment but I'm not sure if that is just talk.

Does anyone have any interesting ideas for where I can put my money?!

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