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SAHM, PT SE & petite pension...

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Bluebirdsinging Sun 10-May-15 21:49:11

I have recently started working for myself and in the next few years I hope to reliably take home about £5-800 a month...

I have 2 really tiny pensions from about 18 years ago, worth a few thousand a year each one. One of them I have changed into a stakeholder pension which I now pay £25 a month into. Pitiful really but (just about?) better than nothing.

At 38 I am just realising that I need to pay more into my pension, rather than just relying on DH... but being that there is no employer to top it up... If we do have extra £ at the end of the month, should I be increasing the pension contributions or putting it into an ISA? And what about the odd £100 or so - is it worth putting into a pension or should I overpay on the (£200k) mortgage?

LotusLight Tue 26-May-15 20:03:35

Overpay on the mortgage.

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