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Need to sell some shares, what's quickest and easiest?

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JessieMcJessie Sun 15-Mar-15 09:32:13


I have inherited some shares from my late Mum and I think that I want to sell them asap. They've all been transferred into my name and I've registered online (3 separate sites, Equitini, Computershare and BP's own site for some BP shares). So not held in a nominee account.

I'd really just like to do it all online and in one go. One complication is that I don't live in the UK, though. Current value of the holdings is about GBP12,000.

Any tips as to practicalities and how not to get stiffed on too much commission would be great.


redshoeblueshoe Sun 15-Mar-15 09:49:10

Sorry I can't help - but watching with interest

Ludways Sun 15-Mar-15 09:51:15

It's really easy to sell shares, I usually use Computershare, just phone and they'll tell you what they'll offer, mail certificate, wait for money to appear in bank.

JessieMcJessie Sun 15-Mar-15 10:50:45

I don't think I have any it possible they are electronic now?

Maursh Tue 17-Mar-15 07:47:28

When you say you have registered them online, are you able to log on and see them or do you mean that they are electronically registered rather than in physical form?

All the registrars (eg computershare, equitini) offer their own dealing services but they are rarely competitive - you are better moving to a custody account and dealing from there. However, if you just want to execute as quickly as possible, you can trade direct (for a fee). I don't know what online services they might offer hence my first question - can you just log on and hit the sell button? Are the shares liquid - is there enough volume in the market to sell them in one go? (£12k BP is for example, but "penny" shares are less so.

JessieMcJessie Tue 17-Mar-15 09:06:19

Thanks for replying Maursh. The solicitor who did Mum's estate transferred them to my name and address and then I received a doc from each company welcoming me as a shareholder and telling me to register with Computershare etc. I didi that and immediately I could logon to see the holdings and current value, and when I receive an activation code by post I'll apparently be able to "do more". But I'm now racking my brains to understand if I should have certificates. Perhaps I need to ask the solicitor.

The smallest holding is worth a few hundred �, most are worth a few thousand. I've got 7 holdings in total.

123rd Tue 11-Aug-15 01:42:18

Jessie, how did you get on? I have some Willis (ins broker) shares from a share save scheme years ago. I have a paper certificate -somewhere ! Can I just go into Barclays or some other place and sell? Does it make a difference that they are in NYSE? I think I need to take exchange rates into account..
I Really am clueless.

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