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IFAs with experience of discretionary trusts

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FinallyHere Tue 13-Jan-15 12:28:43

Hi, looking for any personal recommendations for independent financial advisors (IFA)s for recently appointed trustees.

I've picked up some good questions to ask, from threads in this section, but personal recommendation would go a long way to reassure us. We don't have any expertise in this area, so its difficult to know how to evaluate advice.

We happen to be in sw london, but think that personal recommendation is more important than geography, in this case.

Thanks in advance.

whooshbangprettycolours Sat 31-Jan-15 21:29:20

Ah, just wrote a long reply and then my iPad ran out of charge. Doh.

You need an Independent Chartered Financial Planner, you could look on unbiased, or if you want to contact me I'd be happy to help (I'm Chartered and have the trust qualifications), but I'm Herts so it's not ideal. I know someone a bit closer to you who is very good and runs money in various trusts.

There are special considerations for trusts so you should use someone that understands the constraints and the benefits.

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