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House to live.. close to mainline train station vs. close to ofsted oustanding school

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kenzo002 Sun 16-Nov-14 09:14:49

Finding house to move nearer to London, I found 2 houses that I like since I will be commuting to London from Jan, and my first son will be going to primary school from Sep 2015.

The first one is close to mainline station 0.5mile and the nearest school is Ofsted Good infant school 0.1mile, east facing garden.

Second one is 0.1mile to Ofsted Outstanding infant school ,extended(20 square metter bigger), south facing garden and close to recreation park but 1.1mile to station.. similar price range 2 bed room cottage(the first one which is closer to station is 15k Pounds more expensive). Which one would be better?

I need to use train to commute to London everyday, but not sure 1.1mile is too long for daily commute also future buyers, so that less attractive for them.

For my kids (9 months, 3 years old), the second one is good for them, but I'm really worried if it's not that good for investment prospective (re-sell or let in the future) bad.. Can you advice?

LIZS Sun 16-Nov-14 13:05:46

1.1m isn't far to walk after a commute. If you plan to live in it choose the one which will suit your needs best now not future potential buyers. Are you sure of a place based on the admission criteria, as sometimes distance isn't the main one ?

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