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Is this Section 21 Notice sufficient?

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BatCrapCrazy Sat 13-Sep-14 10:30:11

DP and I have given our tenant notice as we need to move back into the property. The tenant has been brilliant and is actively seeking another place to live. She is looking to go into council housing but for them to consider her she needs a Section 21 Notice. We did give her a written notice which I typed up myself but the council wouldn't accept it. Is what I've linked to acceptable? I was thinking about buying the form from the WHSmith website but would rather save the tenner if i can.

BatCrapCrazy Sat 13-Sep-14 13:23:03


thecatneuterer Tue 10-Feb-15 22:32:38

Yes that is a Section 21 notice, and the Council would probably accept it. However it's incredibly difficult to get the correct date on it (it's not just two months - it's a very complicated formula). The Council may well not notice if the date isn't correct but, if you actually had to go to court if your tenant refused to leave, then if you didn't have it exactly right you would have to start again and probably wouldn't be able to evict her for about a year!

To be on the safe side I would give three months notice, which should just about cover it, but you would also need the date to coincide with the date the rent is due (as explained in the notes). It really isn't easy.

thecatneuterer Tue 10-Feb-15 22:33:39

And I presuming that you are now into a periodic tenancy as you can't give Section 21 notice until the end of the initial term (or rather to coincide with the end of the initial term).

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