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BTL Managing company

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purplemurple1 Wed 14-May-14 07:58:12

I am letting my old home in B'ham (UK) and want to use a managment company to deal with it.
Has anyone got any good recomendations?

Also it seems (reading threads on here) that all LL are scared of pets, benifits, long term lets - why is that?
If they have a deposit, gaurantor what is the extra risk (asusming my BTL mort and insurance are OK)?


specialsubject Wed 14-May-14 18:30:47

no, we are not scared of long term lets - with the right tenant what's not to like?

pets - damage, fleas, smell, noise. Excreted on carpets, woodwork chewed to pieces, neighbours driven mad by barking. OR well trained dogs/cats with plenty of company that are no trouble at all. Your job is to ensure you get the latter.
benefits - fine if you can get insurance (which you can in many cases). No reason a benefits tenant (who may well be working anyway) should be better or worse than one who isn't on benefits.

damage can easily exceed deposit if you get a wrong 'un. You need inventory and proper check-in/check out as it is (correctly) for the landlord to prove any damage. You need to allow for wear and tear. You need inspections to check all is well -tenants don't always notice/report problems.

you need deposit protection, gas safety, on-call maintenance, ongoing maintenance. You need insurance for buildings, contents, legal expenses, malicious damage, and possibly rent guarantee.

and of course you need to do a tax return.

Hayleyktf Thu 21-Aug-14 18:49:01

I live in solihull and manage BTL properties, if be happy to discuss this with you

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