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Cash ISA Timings Question

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Forago Wed 02-Apr-14 14:25:41

Put this in "Money Matters" but think it's better here:

I haven't put any money in an ISA for this tax year 2013/14 yet. I would like to if possible. Have opened one but not put any money in yet. I am aware that I need to do it, if I am going to, by midnight this Saturday 5th April.

The reason I haven't done yet is because I haven't got any money. Until the next tax year. This is becasue I am self employed and don't want to take any more dividends until the next financial year because I am on the limit of no personal tax due for next years self-assessment if I don't take any more out this year.

Is it possible to satisfy both criteria? i.e. if I take £5760 out of my business current account on Saturday evening and transfer it into my new cash isa (same provider) before midnight - will it show up on my business banking statements as being taken out on Monday 7th April i.e the new tax year, or count as a new tax year dividend if it is dated Saturday the 5th, because I did it on a Saturday, a non-working day? Or will it count as a dividend from this tax year, in which case I don't think the tax free interest it worth it.

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