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Have a number of mortgages - need some help with decisions re these please

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starrystarrynights Sun 08-Dec-13 21:06:04

I'm mid/late thirties and have a number if mortgages as a result of changing jobs every couple of years (something I now regret as paperwork is all over the place).

In summary I have:
- 2 final salary pensions schemes
- 2 money purchase schemes
- a stakeholder pensions with high annual charges
- I left previous job with less than 2 years service so was paid back pension contributions that I made so am now paying almost 1000 per month shock to try and make up for the almost 2 years of employer contributions lost. I cannot merge any other pensions into my current one.

Am totally rubbish with paperwork And worried that I am going to lose sight of one of these pensions.

I don't think I should combine any of the final salary pensions however do you think it would be worth combining the 2 money purchase ones? Both have the same annual charges and similar schemes so how do I compare?

The Royal London stakeholder one has high charges but I don't believe that I can combine it with the MP schemes.

Am a bit confused so any advice on what to do with these would be much appreciated please.....

HankyScore Sun 08-Dec-13 21:08:10

Do you mean mortgages? Or pensions?

I am confuzzed.

Vatta Sun 08-Dec-13 21:20:45

Those sound like pensions, not mortgages.

Think you should speak to an Ifa (independent financial adviser) to go through your options, nobody here can tell you what to do as we don't know all the details.

starrystarrynights Sun 08-Dec-13 22:50:29

I meant pensions not mortgages sorry blush doing too many things at once.

I guess I was looking for some general guidance at this stage.

One piece of general advice I was given is that Final Salary schemes are generally best left as they are. I would speak to an IFA about the rest.

Rojak Wed 18-Dec-13 03:03:38

sorry, any other advice

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