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Mortgage, DLA, Benefits confirmation debacle

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DuvetHog Thu 22-Aug-13 22:56:34

Hi, I have also posted this in chat so please excuse my double post ....... I apologise in advance in how long this is going to be but it's a freaking shambles at the minute and we really need to get it sorted or else......well there is really no or else. We are fucked.

We are building a house grin can't get a "normal" mortgage to fund building as there is a stupid stipulation blah blah blah.

We have found a well known bank who will set us up a bridging loan for 18mths then will convert to a 25yr mortgage when work will be complete. Hurrah. We have spent about 2k in getting all the revelant permission/consultations/surveys etc done to assist in the application. Everything they have asked for we have done and probably have included other things over and beyond what was required.

They have now came back and said because I am on benefits (DLA & ESA - I am disabled, hence building a purpose built house to accomadate my extra physical needs) I will need to get a letter confirming I will be on these benefits for the duration of the mortgage (25yrs) as this is my only source of 'income' confused angry confused angry confused angry Of course the benefits agency will not confirm I will be on the benefits for the next 25yrs, as completely right, my condition may improve so i can start go back into employment or I may not qualify for them as the major clamp down hmm etc increases

The bank do not understand and this. They never originally asked for this info & do not understand when I tell them this is no way possible to obtain this info.

I have spoken to Fianancial Services Authority & the Financial Conduct Authority and they say I have a valid argument against the bank as its impossible to obtain such info. It's like asking for a bloody unicorn for Christmas!! It doesn't exist!! I have also spoken to the Equality Commission as I feel I'm being unfairly treated as I am a benefit claimaint and the bank do not require this info from an employed applicant.

The bank told us to put our own savings into getting the house started to prove we were serious and committed so we have spent about 60k and the roof is going on as we speak. We "only" need another 130k to complete and in the grand scale of things this is not a lot when will we have a house worth 425k on completion.

I have to put my complaint in writing to the bank. I am crap at this and tend to be long winded (as you can see!) I can rant away like a good in face to face but in a formal complaint I am crap. The general complaint is asking for a document that physically does not exist.

Can anyone give me any advice on ow to start the letter (I have the complaints managers full name) and how much information to put into it without getting emotional sad as this is our forever house.

Thankyou if you have managed to get this far without comatosing brew

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