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Life insurance policy

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overtheraenbow Sat 27-Apr-13 21:17:19

Btw solicitor has not asked for full financial as he has Ll sorts of debts etc and a canny accountant abroad so I asked her just to ask for relevant stuff in the interests of getting out quick ( before his debts escalate as he seems to be on self destruct ATM)

overtheraenbow Sat 27-Apr-13 21:14:45

In the middle of a divorce (not very amicable at the moment) . I Seem to remember having a life insurance policy in the past ( certainly had with a mortgage) but as we sold our home in the uk to move abroad don't have the mortgage any more)?
Is there a way to find out if I still have a life insurance policy in my name? nNo paperwork. No idea who it was with( yeah yeah I know but EA STBX controlled finances to extreme levels. ) I just seem to remember him once telling me I had one and he didn't ( all sorts of messy financial stuff in the past) .
I would hate him to benefit should anything happen to me. Also would a divorce negate this . Thanks

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