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Landlord unhappy with letting agent - medium long.

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elfycat Mon 14-Jan-13 18:52:25

I've been letting out a property through the same agent for 7 years (DH in army and moving around quite a bit). We've now moved to the same town as the property but had left the agent managing.

Over the last 6 months I have been contacted by the agent regarding several maintenance issues. The first was a problem with the 'electrics' so I authorised an electrician to - as it turned out - change a fuse. The water stop-tap was reported as being locked open so I TWICE authorised urgent attendance by a plumber, on neither occasion was one sent although their plumber attended to replace the washing machine isolation tap during this time.

The kitchen was reported to be in very poor state and I asked if it could be assessed as fixable at low cost or in need of replacement. They came back saying it needed replacing and was beyond fixing. I made a few calls as quite often it seems that messages are not being passed along at the agency.

My DH, DFIL and I arranged to measure up for a new kitchen and found that it was better than any of the army kitchens (though that may not be saying much) and is better than our own which we plan to replace in about 5 years. Repairs have been made taking little time and minimal expense it seems the tenant would quite like a new kitchen, with her own idea of the layout. They were able to free up the stop-tap that had merely ceased a little due to lack of use.

We then noted that the yale lock on the door was missing, and the tenant reported that this had been since they moved in, which means this wasn't checked at a previous move-out and the deposit deducted. Other repair issues were noted by us that will need semi-urgent action to prevent damage to the property.

I have a meeting tomorrow as we are dissatisfied British understatement with the service over the last few months.

Has anyone had similar problems? What are our rights to tell them we no longer want their service and they can consider the last few months as any payment we might owe them?

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