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CTF - transfer from stakeholder to savings provider?

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gourd Fri 28-Dec-12 20:05:58

Is it worth transferring from a stakeholder to a savings CTF provider? I don't want to lose our money. Have 3k in a stakeholder CTF so far after 2 years of child benefit payments plus a few birthday/xmas top ups, and we are now thinking about transferring to a savings CTF provider to protect what is there. I know interest rates with savings CTFs are really low but I am also aware that could lose a lot of our money if we stick to the stakeholder one. Can't see any savings CTFs available on line so it will mean a trip to a Building Society branch but assume they would handle the transfer from there. Will check if I need to give notice to old provider - think we do if we want the interest but giving notice isn't a problem. Any thoughts on whether it is a good idea to transfer and also on how easy it is to do? Thanks...

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