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If you agree, help us persuade the Govt to let parents transfer Child Trust Funds to Junior ISAs

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Southwest Sun 24-Feb-13 18:57:54

this is really important IMHO

exactly the sort of thing mumsnet should be campaigning about

why oh why does the gov think it is a good thing to stitch up little children and teach them the value of not saving

even when they are too youg the learn the lesson

WocketInMyPocket Mon 07-Jan-13 20:07:04

Oh caught out again! Pity - but presumably it hasn't done any good?

PoppyWearer Mon 07-Jan-13 19:57:05

Old thread, petition is now closed?

WocketInMyPocket Mon 07-Jan-13 19:56:07

Signed - especially relevant for those that invested their own money in the CTF (not just the gov freebie) and now no hope of them performing as expected.

throckenholt Wed 09-May-12 13:29:25

there aren't many signatures - maybe you can repost this somewhere more prominent - maybe in chat.

Must be relevant to anyone with kids old enough to have CTFs.

LadyofWinterfell Sun 22-Apr-12 23:39:04

We have 3DC with underperforming CTF. Our youngest is only 2.7! Our eldest's is worth less than the initial payment now, and doesn't stand a chance of being worth anything if it stays as a CTF.


clopper Sun 22-Apr-12 23:33:14

signed, we have the same problem

Tanglefoot70 Sun 22-Apr-12 23:30:31

We have one child with a Child Trust Fund (unfortunately not performing well) & our latest has a Junior ISA. We would like to be able to transfer the funds from the Child Trust Fund into a Junior ISA for our first child but at present this is not allowed. We have set up a Govt petition to try & get this changed, anyone willing to add their signature would be much appreciated!

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