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How do you find an independent financial adviser?

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ChrissieLC Wed 09-May-12 14:32:50

go to and find me (if you are in herts!):-)

but seriously, go to that website and meet a few and decide who feels right for you

Primrose123 Fri 27-Apr-12 16:08:29

x-post Wrong!

Primrose123 Fri 27-Apr-12 16:08:03

Just asked DH, who is an IFA, he said to google 'independent financial adviser' and your area and see what comes up. You could also try, and he said to go for someone who charges a fee rather than takes commission, then you know they are not just using companies that give them good commission instead of finding the best product for the customer.

HTH smile

Wrongmoreoftenthannot Fri 27-Apr-12 15:59:55

If you go to then put in your criteria you will find one local to you that should fit your requirements.

Rezolution Sun 08-Apr-12 19:11:39

Don't know. Tbh I got mine when he was recommended by a friend who was (and still is) very rich and swore by him. He has been very good but sadly retired last year and I am still with the same firm, now run by someone else.

membershipcard Sun 08-Apr-12 19:07:52

Thanks Rezolution.

I have just looked at heir website and can only work out how to check if an IFA is regulated by them or not.

I can't see if it is possible to get a list of local IFAs which would be great.

Am I being thick or is that not possible?


Rezolution Sun 08-Apr-12 18:58:36

The FSA (Financial Services Association) has a list of approved ones. They are the only ones I would trust tbh. Lots of banks just want to sell you their products.

membershipcard Sun 08-Apr-12 18:54:39

A truly independent one?

I guess they will all advise you to invest in the direction that gives them the best commission which of course won't necesarily be the right thing to do.

It is difficult but does anyone know the best way of going about it?

Thank you

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