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Property investment course??

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MsBliss Sun 11-Mar-12 10:35:43

I paid £200 for a basic course with Tigrent UK and the course itself gave me nothing tangible to go away and actually use.
They gave a very hard sell to the point where I now feel quite embarresed like I was brain washed. I ended up signing up for their 3 day advanced property course for £3400 and have since heard from other treads that it is also pretty useless and they then want you to buy even more expensive courses to find out more.
I've tried to get them to refund my money and after days of them avoiding my e-mails and calls they point blank refused to.
I wouldn't like to recommend any others as I'm not sure who I would trust now. Just please be careful before parting with your cash as I found there are lots of companies only interested in the money they take and not so interested in the education they promise.
All the training that I have come across so far is extremely expensive and the content doesn't seem any better then that you could pick up in a £20 book on the subject.
One thing I would strongly recommend is to get in touch with other property investors who have done well themselves. I've found a few networking groups in my local area where I can ask questions for free. There is also lots of good free info on the net.
I'll post back when I find something worthy to recommend to you!
Good luck with your search.

Alad Fri 26-Aug-11 06:34:46

They are mostly a con. Tell you how fab it all is and lots of sales hype and pressure to sign up to their service. Save the money for a deposit and just use common sense.

tostaky Tue 07-Jun-11 13:27:39


Has anyone done an property investment course?
Which one was it?
Do you recommend it?
How much and how long was it?
Did you also cover things like legal structure and tax?

Thank you!!

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